Parents Want To Know FAQ


Parent Benefits

There are so many childcare programs to choose from. Parents frequently ask questions about how our childcare benefits the needs of their families. So why choose this one?  We answer your most important FAQ's.

Parents find my home to be comfortable, well, organized, and clean. 

Convenience - We understand that parents are very busy and always on the go. That's why we provide everyday items such as diapers and food so that parents don't have to worry about packing a diaper bag everyday. We are centrally located in Lee's Summit just minutes from major highways 470, 291, 350, 50, and I-435. Parents have a timely commute between home, preschool, work  and or school.

Professionalism - This may be a home daycare but it's ran like a center. It's a lot of work but our daycare families deserve to have childcare at a higher level of quality.  

Quality - Regulations allow us to have a certain number of  children present at one time. We like to keep the group balanced so that everyone gets the love and attention needed. We're not concerned with filling all available slots

Parent Perks

We understand that today's working class parents are busy balancing the every day task of raising a family, developing careers and staying healthy. Parents make informed decisions on the well - being of their children's lives and take pride in doing so.
We share the same values and want to provide a way to help simplify these important task.
Parents who have children enrolled in our program enjoy:

  • 5 Days of Vacation Credits per year
  • NO PAY for holidays
  • NO PAY for Snow Days 
  • Not having to provide any diapers, wipes, or school supplies
  • Discounted rate for children who are or become fully potty trained
  • Option to choose payment cycles: Weekly pay - Semi - Monthly - Monthly
  • Many convenient ways to pay tuition: Cash, check, bank or credit card
  • Referral Credits
  • We provide birthday parties so children can get a chance to celebrate with their friends so parents won't have to provide anything for the party.
  • Private Social Media groups to share pictures and videos of the children during the day
  • Monthly Newsletters delivered right to email or text to keep parents informed
  • So much more!

Question parents ask often.

#1 Are parents allowed to drop in unannounced to visit with their children while in daycare.


#2 When are payments due?

Every Friday by or before 6:00 pm. This is a PREPAYMENT that is credited towards the following business week. This is done so that all daycare items, (ie. diapers, wipes, toys, etc.) needed are purchased during the weekend with that payment given on Friday. This assures that all items are available Monday morning. Payment after 6:00 pm is subject to a late payment fee.  

#3 Are there other fees other then the weekly service payment?

Answer Yes. There are additional fees such as late payment fee and late pick fees.

#4 Are parents expected to pay for days the preschool is closed or when children are absent?

Answer Yes, in most cases. 
Most children are allowed up to 5 days per year to use for vacation credits. Vacations days are allowed with full credit. Full credit is given for days preschool is closed due to holidays and snow days. There is no credit given when children are absent unless a vacation day is being used.
Click HERE to view our Attendance Policy.

#5 Do you care for sick children?

Answer Yes, depending on the severity of the illness.  We care for children with mild, non-contagious illness, and as long as they are comfortable. 

Click HERE to view our Sick Policy.

#6 Do you have a back up provider for days you aren't able to care for children?

Answer Yes
Our assistant teacher MAY BE  available to cover me sometimes. Parents will need to secure a back up provider in case our preschool is closed. My husband is my current registered assistant for emergency situations. My daughter is my student worker assistant. In some cases she may be available to stay with the children for no more then a few hours.  Either way, I plan to inform parents a month in advance before taking a day off.  

#7 Are there any pets in the home?

Not at this time. We have had pets in the past. We understand that while having pets can cause a concern to most parents, we take special safety precautions such as not allowing children to be left alone with the pet. We do plan to get a fish for the classroom to help teach responsibility. If we get a new pet, parents will be informed as soon as possible. 

#8 Do you administer any medication to children while they are at daycare?

Yes. Only when parents fill out a medication form.

#9 What form of payment is accepted?

Cash, checks, or money orders.  Credit/bank/debit cards payments There is a penalty for checks returned as NSF. 

#10 Do you offer part time childcare?



Children can be scheduled for less than 30 hours or less each week.  We charge one flat weekly rate. Anything more than 30 hours is considered full time. We have a limited number of part time spaces available.  Part time contracts may be switched to full time, if we have the spot available. Full Time can not be switched to part time until after a year.

#11 Do you accept children with state paid daycare?



We only have private - paid contracts. Dealing with state is more hassle than good for us. Parents aren't informed how the process works and often assume that the state will pay the entire amount. That is never the case. In some cases the state can take many months before the first payment is received. State has many limitations on how much they will pay and when. It is our best interest as a profit seeking business not to take state contracts.

#12 Do you offer sibling discounts?



Families of multiple children are welcome.  We are limited to the number of children we have enrolled. We are unable to make up the difference in income once this discount is offered and it is not fair to the parents of one child in care to pay more. 

#13 Do you take children on outings.



We try to get out more so when I have a group that is ready to go to places like the park, out to eat, library, or on field trips like to the zoo. Children must be able to stay close to me, listen to my instructions when I explain what we are doing and behave appropriately. We normally don't go anywhere during the cold winter months. Parents are informed of every field trip and are asked to join us. There may be times when I don't have an assistant to stay with the children while I go on appointments such as the dentist. I may take them all with me.

I've never had a problem with my daycare children while out. They are well trained and enjoy the many compliments from the people we pass by. 

#14 Do you take Paid - Provider Vacations



I take may take up 10 days of paid vacations each year. Each January I pass out a calendar which shows my planned days off. I've been working this job for almost 15 years and I need occasional days off to prevent burn-out. I treat my job just as everyone else should who works over 40 hours a week. I plan to have a full time assistant to cover additional personal vacations so daycare can remain open. Without an assistant available, I have to close during my vacations. 

# 15 Do you care for children in the evenings, overnight or weekends?



I have other businesses that I work on some evenings and weekends. I am also busy with other obligations that take place after daycare hours.

For parents just needing a date night or just a time to themselves, we may have Parents' Night Out once a month. This care takes place on a Saturday evening. It is offered for children who are already enrolled,   

#16 Do you care for infants?



At this time we only care for children between ages 2 & 1/2 years old (30 months) to 5 years old.  

Most daycare centers that offer a mixed age group separate classrooms by ages. The infant rooms consist of children aged 6 weeks to 12 months. The toddler rooms are for those who are 13 months to 35 months. Potty trained children are in preschool classes. This is done for many reasons. Infants need calm environments. Too much stimulation from older children can cause serious developmental issues for them later on. Each group need developmental toys and furniture placed in each setting. It becomes a challenge to care for infants while being expected to work with the older children with academic skills. 

#17 Do you offer part time care for those children who attend half - day preschool offered through the school district?



We offer a 5 - day - full - day preschool program here. We focus on all subjects needed for transition into Kindergarten. I am unable to walk children to their bus nor meet them on the bus stop at drop off. The district has 4 different sites which their preschool program is held. The site each child attends is determined by the pick up address and the developmental need of the child. This may change with each year. The program is only 3 & 1/2 hours for only 4 days each week. It may be a morning session or evening session depending on the site assigned to the child. The preparation for getting the child to and from the bus cuts into much of our time which isn't fair to our children who are present all day. The remaining hours children will still be present here at my daycare still is considered full time. 

For more information contact Great Beginnings - Head Start  816-986-2460

Lee's Summit School District Transportation  816 - 986 - 2400

#18 Do you care for children with special needs?


Depends on the level of need. 

 I am limited in my knowledge and training of caring for special needs children. My educational background doesn't focus on special education. I specialize in infant to preschool development.  I have cared for very few children with Asperger's, ADHD and Autism. Our facility is not equip for children with physical impairments.  Children may require specialized care that we aren't able to provide. I don't feel that I have the qualifications needed to provide the best care for exceptional children. We reserve the right to deny enrollment after making an individualized assessment (evaluation) of a child with special needs. If we find that any reasonable accommodations to include the child is too expensive for the daycare known as an "undue burden" or if the child's condition poses a "direct threat" to self or others, we will reserve our right to deny care. 

#19 Do you care for older siblings?



Our current setup is only geared for children  preschool aged. School aged children need activities, space and resources to keep them busy and interested.  We place our focus all towards preparing young children to enter kindergarten.

Policies may be subject to change. Policies may be different depending on care status. Please call for detailed information. 

Call or text if you have any other questions. 

816-434-0990 24 hour line