How We Promote Potty Stars


Potty Time is Party Time!


We partner with parents in potty training. Our goal is to get them potty trained with full success. Most of our children become well trained before aged 3.

         I created our system we call "Potty Like A Rock Star!". This process assures that the child becomes fully potty trained at the appropriate time. Most children begin around 20 months old. They have to display the signs before we will begin the process. Parents must take part in helping us assist the child in becoming an independent Potty Star!


What signs we look for:


How to know when your little one is READY!

  • Child tells you that they are wet
  • Pulls diaper 
  • Doesn’t want to wear diapers any longer
  • Points to potty
  • Your child stays dry for at least 2 hours at a time.  Starting to go at the same time each day.  
  • He or she knows they are experiencing a move bowel movement or urinating.  
  • Stops playing to “push” it out. Hides behind the couch when going.



Once parents and staff agree that the child is ready to begin, the parents are encouraged to start during a weekend at home. Parents receive our guide that helps them step by step with the process. We will begin training while at preschool. We make sure to take the child every hour. We will start the first week with pull-ups.  We switch to cloth training pants that are provided and washed by us.     


      Each day will get the child closer to being able to wear "big kid" underwear. We never punish the child. We only encourage and support with praise and a proven reward system. Most children only need anywhere from two weeks to 2 months potty training. It all depends on the child and the support system. If the child is not showing any interest or delays, we may refer parents to seek out side resources.        

Now We're Rocking!

   Once the child accident free wearing under wears for a week, we may consider the child fully potty trained. We will have a small celebration and present the child with a Potty Like A Rock Star certificate of completion! A new contract will be signed to start the reduced weekly tuition as a toilet trained student.